Job Opening Type ■ Manager ■ Housekeeper ■ Kitchen Helper ■ Server
Internship as above position. *Only students can apply.
English or Chinese speaking skills are highly regarded at the time of hiring. 
Information Sharing ■ Working place : 2-4-18 Inari Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi Osaka-fu Japan
■ Working form:shift system
■ Job Transfer : None for the near term
■ Special leave, Special Leave for wedding and funerals. Special incentive leave, Accumulated paid vacation.( Differs depending on the position)
Working Hours ■ Working hours :4-8 hours a day
■ Break time : 1 hour
■ Overtime work :Possible
Employment contract ■ Employment types :permanent employee, contract employee, part-time employee
■ Payment:Monthly salary
■ Pay raise: once a year
Part-time employee ■ Wage: from 1000 Yen / hour
*holiday ,early morning and mid night allowance will be provided."
Full-time ■ Monthly Salary: from 192000 Yen +incentive
■ Annual income: Negotiable ;depends on your experience in previous job and your age.
■ Pay raise: once a year (July)
■ Bonus: Twice a year (June,December)
Allowance ■ Overtime allowance,Travel allowance,commuting allowance, Housing allowance
Probation ■ 6 months probation