There is the Guest House,
which is created by meeting variety of people from the earth.

There are business people and travellers. There are chefs and programmers. There is always processes from encounter to inspiration. There is always  systems sympathy becomes Co-Creation. Here is the place every humor stimulate to your sense. Here is the place enrich your life.

- NEWS -

Wed, Jul 17, 2019
Brand new opening rooms!
Sun, Mar 10, 2019
Cafe&Bar “INARI GLEAN” soon to be opened!



RECEPTION COUNTER | 8:00 - 23:30
CHECK-IN | 15:00 - 22:00
CHECK-OUT | 11:00

Guest rooms are on 4th floor to 7th floor.
A maximum of 8 people can be accomodated in a room. 
We recommend  4 to 6 people to stay in a room for comfortable stay.
The rooms can be  booked from 2 nights.

- ROOM -

Atelier Room ( 45m²:1night 8,000yen~ )

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Chef Cook Room ( 48m²:1night 8,000yen~ )

#1LDK #art #modern #design #cooking #dining #gathering #convenient #comfortable


Twilight Room ( 45m²:1night 8,000yen~ )

#1LDK #monotone #chic #modern #bright #lights #sunshine #design #comfortable


- CAFE & BAR -

2019 SUMMER New Open !

MORNING | OPEN 7:00 - CLOSE 10:00
LUNCH | OPEN 11:30 - CLOSE 15:00
BAR | OPEN 21:00 - CLOSE 24:00

"For the all people who meet here ...."
Please enjoy coffee, drink,dish and talk with friends.

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- COWORKING 「myx」-


myx = x (My + Your)

x means talent. This facility is a space for co-creation.
A place where my and your talents are mixed. myx integrates NCBO`s guest house “WABI SABI OSAKA” and the cafe bar “INARI GLEAN”.

The idea behind this is for people with various purposes, occupations, backgrounds, and nationalities to create something special with each other .

Its not only a place where your business ideas and goals come to fruition, but also a place where you can find inspiration from interesting encounters, create team synergies and we hope it will be a place that enriches your life as a result.



WABI SABI OSAKA is a guesthouse that has the cafe bar INARI GLEAN and co-working space myx in one.

Of cause,you can spend a comfortable stay as a lodging facility, but in the INARI GLEAN cafe bar, you can enjoy a delicious meal and a cup of coffee with people who share the same time and space. At the co-working space myx, you can enjoy socializing and co-working together with freelancers.

We aim to provide a place to stay where you can feel that your life has been enriched by those who visit here.